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Lydia Ramsey, is a business etiquette speaker and trainer, and the founder of Manners That Sell™, a firm offering keynotes, seminars and workshops to corporations, professional associations, government agencies and colleges and universities.

Business etiquette presentations are designed for organizations that want their people to be at ease in any business situation and to represent them well in the marketplace. Lydia understands that in today’s highly competitive world, good business manners matter more than ever. Presentations are tailored to each audience and professional handouts are always provided to all audience members.

The following presentations can be presented as a Keynote or Workshop. Click the “View Presentation Details” link below each presentation to learn more about each program.

What Clients have to say…

“Lydia is the best I know at helping people keep their feet out of their mouth and their eyes on the goal of doing business professionally. I have seen the results of her training and highly recommend her to all levels from entrepreneur to upper management.”
—Dr. Elizabeth Hoit-Thetford
Manager of Training
Georgia Ports Authority

“Lydia Ramsey was a huge hit. The buzz about the event went on all afternoon and even days afterward. The business etiquette skills presented by Lydia offered all who attended a competitive advantage in the job market.?

Lisa D. McNary, Ph.D., Business Division, LaGrange College

“Lydia Ramsey is a dynamic speaker, an experienced trainer and an expert in the field of business etiquette. I have had the pleasure of seeing her “in action” and appreciating her many skills. Without hesitation, I can recommend her services with a guarantee that the results will be pleasing and productive.”

Nancy Williams
Columbus Women’s Network

“Mrs. Bush was so pleased with meeting you and with the comfortable gathering you facilitated. My deepest regret is that we should have arranged you for an entire afternoon. We all have much to learn from you.

I look forward to your return to Tallahassee soon.”

Kindest regards,

Gail Campbell
Executive Assistant to the First Lady
Mrs. Columba Bush

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Excellence in Etiquette

How to master the details that open doors… and close deals!

Right now your employees are either smoothing the way to bigger accounts and happier customers…or making it easy for someone else to win over your best clients, biggest accounts and greatest profits. This is the business etiquette course you need to outclass and outlast your competition!
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First Impressions

7 Seconds to Sink or Swim

What do people think when you walk into a room…or do they even notice? In the business arena you want to stand out in the most positive way from the very beginning. This program holds up a mirror to how you look, sound, dress, and communicate every time you need to make a powerful first impression. Learn how to use what you say, tone of voice, body language, and more to work for you–not against you–the next time you make an entrance.
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Dining for Profit

“What is your bread doing on my plate?”

You can have your cake and eat it, too. Just make sure it’s your cake and you’re using the right fork! This interactive and informative presentation arms you with a full menu of strategies that will have your clients eating out of your hand.
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Networking Magic

Connecting with Confidence

Learn how to prepare for and profit from any networking opportunity, whether it’s a planned event or a chance encounter in an elevator. Being comfortable talking with others on a professional and personal level helps you develop more profitable relationships. Don’t leave home without these must-have strategies and techniques..
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E-Mail Rules

Offline Strategies for an Online World

In this world of technology, more and more business communication takes place over the the Internet. While meeting with your clients and your co-workers face to face is the most effective means of establishing and building relationships, it is not always possible. When you can’t be there “in person,” use these cutting-edge courtesies…
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Office Etiquette from the Conference Room to the Company Kitchen

“What are you doing in my cubicle?”

Every day, your employees deal with issues facing any close-knit family: personal space, sharing, kitchen privileges, cleaning up after themselves, and more. Leaving the copy machine without any paper is much the same as leaving the cap off the toothpaste tube. Help keep your team running smoothly and take morale to an all-time high.
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From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Etiquette Programs for College and University Students

Give your students what they need most right now – Manners That Sell! We reveal the skills and polish each of your students needs to graduate from the classroom to the boardroom. From shaking hands to buttering bread and everything in between, we cover it all.
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